Why we Invested: AOA

  • Novel and patented technology. Current diagnostic methods are inadequate because they are lacking sensitivity and/or specificity, particularly for earlier stages. Based on technology discovered by professor/inventor Dr. Uri Saragovi at McGill University, AOA is developing a non-invasive, extremely sensitive and specific, liquid biopsy blood test to diagnose women with suspicion of ovarian cancer.
  • Strong team. The 3 co-founders have a long history of working together, with women’s health experience, prior startup in diagnostics space with successful exit. Oriana, one of the co-founders, is an all-star CEO with great ability to lead and execute. In addition, she has a strong ability to communicate with investors efficiently and effectively.
  • Outcome benefit to the patient is significant. A mammogram can often detect breast cancer in its earliest stage, even before a doctor can feel the cancer. However, current shortfalls in ovarian cancer detection methodologies lead to further procedures, usually expensive and unnecessary surgery to biopsy. Biopsies for other parts of the body can be relatively simple, but an ovary biopsy is invasive and complicated, with potential side effects. With the specificity and sensitivity of AOA’s non-invasive liquid biopsy, test results would provide a clear course of action for next steps, which can be the difference between life and death.
  • Economic Benefit. Ovarian cancer is the second most expensive cancer to treat in women. The average cost of care for women with ovarian cancer in the first year after surgery is approximately $100,000. Cost of treatment is 25% higher when caught at late stage, compared to early-stage disease. Early diagnosis will reduce patient mortality and deliver cost savings to payers.



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